Press Review


Une Maison à Strasbourg

B&B Italia (Website), October 2020, Italy
RM JT House has been published as one of the inspirational interiors at B&B website, under Stories / Inspiration Gallery.


Kodal family penthouse in Tomtom, the city's New Energy Center Livestock

Alem (Magazine), December 2015 Turkey
The terrace of 50 square meters is ideal for hosting groups of friends, having a barbecue and enjoying the view.


Bird's eye view to Tomtom

Maison Francaise (Magazine), November 2015, Turkey
Tomtom Gardens project takes its name from its gardens, which serve as a secret oasis among the buildings.


MAR-KA Interior Design Studio

Mekan (Magazine), September-October 2010, Turkey


Illuminated and Modern

Mekan (Magazine), March-April 2010, Turkey


Christmas Frangrances at Kadriye and Marco Manciocchi's house

Maison Francaise (Magazine), December 2009, Turkey
The House of Mar-Ka Interior Design owners is leaning to one of the hillsides of Bebek with a location towards Bosphorus view.


AD art+décor 2004

AD art+décor (Magazine), April 2004, Turkey
They created two boot designs at 2002 and 2003 for the CeBIT tradeshow for Lanier, an office machines company. The theme of trio which will be concluded at the 2004 show is the difference between the essential and the perceived.


Home Textile 2003

Home Textile (Magazine), May 2003, USA
Talesma-Turkish Towels Made a Successfull Introduction In New York With Its Unique Concept And Quality. Sense the talismans from the land of the cotton where the inheritance in style meets the Turkish towelling.


Time in Design

AD art+décor (Magazine), January 2003, Turkey
Photographer Osman Bozkurt' s shoots with Interior Designer Marco Manciocchi' s vision.


Maison Francaise 2002

Maison Francaise (Magazine), June 2002, Turkey
In our designs we brought together natural raw materials giving them a specific function. We add them defining adetails that highlight contrasts between empyt-full, internal-external, and natural-artificial. Our designs are a synthesis of our observations in life.


Design is a Talisman

AD art+décor (Magazine), December 2002, Turkey
Photographer Osman Bozkurt' s shoots with Interior Designer Marco Manciocchi' s vision.


Special for the city people

House Beautiful (Magazine), December 2001, Turkey


Contemporary Tranquility

House Beautiful (Magazine), July 2000, Turkey


10 Projects

10 Projects (Competition Finalists Catalog), 1999, Italy
Project Competition for the New Venice Univercity Faculty of Architecture Headquarters Building in San Basilio, Studio ABDR, Rome


Six Municipalities of Calabria between daily life and project

Transizioni (Series), Kappa Publications, 1997, Italy
The Three City Gates Project competition finalists: "New city plan of Melicucco town in Calabria Region of Southern Italy.


Quaderni di Architettura (Series)

Trento Train Station of A.Mazzoni (Book), Electa Publications, 1995, Italy
Publication of Architect Angiolo Mazzoni’s project of the train station, the furnitures and interior details in the city of Trento in 1930.