Our Services


  • Site photographing and measuring
  • Preparation of existing condition / building drawings
  • Coordinate with appropriate consultants to determinate feasibility

Schematic / Concept Design

  • Preparation of sketches of site / floor plans, elevations and / or 3-d computerized models (including precedent images) of design options
  • Material and finish selections

Design Development

  • Development of the approved design through the refinement of site / floor plans, elevations, sections and / or 3-d computerized models
  • Preparation of a preliminary project budget
  • Assisting in the assembly and preliminary co-ordination of the consultant team
  • Refine preliminary proposal incorporating client directives

Construction Documents

  • Detailed documentation of the final design through the preparation of site / floor plans, elevations, sections, construction details, schedules
  • Co-ordination of consultants / suppliers
  • Develop details in conjuction with other team consultants
  • Prepare final documentation, specifications and schedules
  • Review of overall finishing budget

Project Management

  • Provide guidance in selecting contractors and assist in evaluating proposals
  • Attendance at site meetings during the construction process and general review of production to ensure that it conforms to the general intent of the  construction documents
  • Review of ‘shop drawings’ and ‘samples’
  • Provision of general clarification to documentation during construction
  • Co-ordination of consultants / suppliers

Finishing Services

  • Procure furniture, furnishings and lighting elements
  • Coordinate fine art and decorative accessories
  • Liaise with suppliers during fabrication of custom furniture and products
  • Supervise installation of furniture, furnishings and equipment